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 Edmonton Bad Credit Car Loans

Edmonton Car Loans

Do not let a bad credit history stop you from buying the car of your dreams.  Find a Loan works with credit specialists in Edmonton who are experienced to work with bad credit car loans.  They can help you do get the car you have always needed and wanted.

Online Car Loans

Find a Loan puts you in touch with the most competitive rates and easiest repayment options in the market. Be one of the thousands Find a Loan has helped to secure an approved car loan, regardless of your credit.

Safe and Easy Online Car Loan Application

Find a Loan’s safe and simple online application as the first step toward owning that dream car and saying goodbye to credit trouble. The application is quick and easy to use, with only the minimum of questions asked. The site uses SSL technology to ensure the highest online protection for your personal information.

About Edmonton
Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and is situated along the North Saskatchewan River in the fertile heart of the province. This provincial capital boasts the longest stretch of connected urban parklands in North America, as well as North America’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall. In addition to being a major center for the oil and gas industry, Edmonton has also become one of Canada’s educational and cultural centers, with six universities and over seventy museums, the largest being the Royal Alberta Museum. It is for these reasons and more Edmonton is called "the City of Champions."
Edmonton Facts
Population: Edmonton is the second largest city in Alberta after Calgary, with a population of 730,372

Size: Edmonton covers an area larger than Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, or Montreal, at 684 square kilometers (264 square miles)

City motto: Industry, Integrity, Progress

Nickname: City of Champions, Festival City-Live all year, Gateway to the North, E-Town, River City, Oil Capital of Canada