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 Auto News

Most newspapers and online sources have an “Automotive” section.  It is important to catch up on the most recent news, reports, and information regarding automobiles.  When purchasing your next vehicle, do some research beforehand to see if the vehicle you are interested in will be upgraded in a year, or if you can purchase the newest model.   Also, check reports on the vehicle you are interested in.  This could help you avoid unwanted maintenance, recalls, and other issues.  It might also help solidify your decision to purchase a specific vehicle.  Lastly, read up on new features and benefits.  Vehicles are now more fuel efficient, get better mileage, or even plug in!  Spending a little time researching will better prepare you to make an educated decision on your next car purchase.

Canadian Auto News and Business Week are great sources of information as these sources will be unbiased towards manufacturers.  They will provide you the most accurate and up to date information.  It is important to be knowledgeable about the type of vehicle you are looking to purchase.  This includes knowing about manufacturing problems, fuel economy, and even the price of the vehicle.

Fuel economy technology is greatly improving.  When you are purchasing your next vehicle, check up on the fuel economy of the vehicle(s) you are interested in.  If they cost a bit more upfront, remember that you to save money in the long run.  Speak with your credit specialist about short term and long term cost savings.

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